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Holiday adoptions make feline AND family wishes come true


What do the holidays really mean to you and your family? Are you searching for a way to escape the seasonal commercialism? But still want the excitement of holiday gifts to delight your family? We’ve got the solution! And it’s waiting for you at ASAP. Just imagine your child’s face as you bring home that precious cat or kitten with a big red holiday bow perched on its head! Rather than another pair of slippers or bathrobe, think instead of the endless companionship a senior pet might offer one of your senior family members!

“Contrary to conventional thinking, the holidays are actually a perfect time to add a new kitty family member”, according to ASAP’s Executive Director, Angela Walters Rockwell, “People take vacation time and kids are out of school, making more time available to bond and acclimate a new cat to your home.”

Many parents eventually “give in” to their child’s pleas for cat or kitten—so why not take advantage of the opportunity during the holiday season to give a gift with true meaning? The loving companionship of a cat or kitten will be a reward that lasts far longer than the batteries in most toys or the latest computer game. And for girlfriends, boyfriends and family members, sharing the experience of saving an animal’s life during the holidays can be deeply bonding. While ASAP does not advocate giving pets as “surprise” gifts, the process of selecting a new furry family member can be part of the “gift” itself. Together you can visit ASAP—where there are literally a hundred homeless cats and kittens in desperate need of a home—and a forever family to love.

To promote adoptions through the holidays, ASAP is offering special reduced adoption fees December 15-24: $25 for an adult cat and 2 kittens for only $75! ASAP will be open until Noon on Christmas Eve (December 24) — to ensure that you have time to pick up your special feline friend just in time for your special holiday traditions!




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About ASAP's 2016 Video

Cats cannot speak for themselves, so for the past 27 years, ASAP has been a strong voice for them—consistently and without fail coming to the rescue for those in need. As much as our focus has been on rescuing THEM, over these many years, it’s impossible to ignore how these cats in turn touch our lives. They bring profound joy, comfort, affection, entertainment and companionship—they remind us of our humanity and enrich our lives in countless ways.

Each of the thousands of cats that have passed through ASAP has affected so many people—from the person who might have picked them up as a stray, or an owner who might not be able to keep them and desperately needs to know that they will be safe at our shelter, to our volunteers and staff who care for these cats from the first moment they cross our threshold, to all of our donors and supporters, who give so generously and make everything possible—ALL of our lives have been touched by these cats.

But ASAP is really just the beginning of the story— because each of these cats now has a person, a place to call home—together they make a family. Each of these families has a story. Tonight’s video honors the relationship between our ASAP cats and the people who adopt them. There are so many ASAP stories—always heartwarming, and “cats being cats”, never boring!! But sometimes these stories are truly life-saving, as in the case of Lyell & Stanley.

We are privileged to share Lyell & Stanley’s story in our 2016 video—it is unique and very special, and we are grateful to Lyell Holmes Taylor for opening his heart and sharing his experience so honestly.