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ASAP’s 2015 Video Premiere at Basil’s BIG Bash


After 26 years, the heart and soul of ASAP remains the same, but the role we play in each and every cat’s life that arrives at our shelter has changed. Their lives will be saved—there is no question about that as long as ASAP exists—but we now have the ability to focus on the quality of these cats’ lives. More and more research is available that provides insight into the mystery of feline behavior. And over the past three years, ASAP has become the leader in our community for understanding feline behavior, especially within shelters. Applying this knowledge not only enriches the lives of the cats under our care, but also the humans they choose as companions. ASAP’s newest video, which premiered at Basil’s BIG Bash on May 16, 2015, focuses on the first and most critical ingredient to building a bond with cats—and opening a door to understanding their behavior—trust. Filmed over five months and countless hours, this 4 minute video is just a tiny glimpse into what’s going on behind the scenes at ASAP.


Thank you to Erin Feinblatt Photography for the above video!


About ASAP

Animal Shelter Assistance Program (ASAP) is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization that takes care of the cats and kittens at the Santa Barbara County Animal Shelter. ASAP provides humane care for these animals and works to eliminate the practice of euthanizing them for reasons other than serious health or behavior problems.