A Message from ASAP regarding Montecito

Our hearts are with everyone impacted by the fires and now mudslides in Montecito—together we will heal and rebuild. While the loss is beyond comprehension, each day there also are moments of hope and happiness, evidenced by the joyful reunions of animals with their owners who feared they might be lost forever.

ASAP is supporting Santa Barbara County Animal Services in their efforts to save as many animal lives as possible. Our hearts leapt when the first evacuated cats safely came to our shelter on Wednesday night—brought in by the dedicated county and city employees who are working so tirelessly. These cats—seen soaking up some love and comfort from ASAP volunteers in the photos below—are hopefully the first of many lives yet to be saved.

Small animal evacuations (dogs, cats and birds) are still being routed to the Santa Barbara Humane Society, with ASAP serving as a support shelter during the night hours. Together all of our collective efforts will have an impact to help those who have lost so much. At ASAP, we are dedicated to supporting our community, our family of both humans and animals alike. Be safe, and please let us know if we may be of assistance.

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About ASAP's 2017 Video - ASAP's Hospice Program

by Pamela Gray

Imagine your cat growing old in the home she’s known all her life; curled up in a heated bed to soothe her aching body, being served her favorite treats to whet her appetite, trying to climb into your lap even though she needs you to lift her up. She may be weaker, slower, thinner, but you’re still by her side, caring for her and giving her unconditional love.

Now imagine that you are no longer there to care for her.

Each year, thousands of senior cats arrive at shelters nationwide, surrendered by owners who can’t afford their medical needs, or abandoned by those who view them as a burden…with nothing left to offer. Shelters without alternative resources have no choice but to euthanize these feline senior citizens.

But at ASAP, we see the wisdom and love in their eyes, and know that these faithful companions deserve our compassionate care. Tonight’s video highlights our Hospice Foster Program, which gets senior cats out of the shelter and back into loving homes.

Giving a cat their FIRST home is a gift, but providing them with their last, is the most PRECIOUS gift of all.


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