Use your story to spread the word

Over 25 years, ASAP has touched the lives of many thousands of people. We invite the community to share its stories with us, stories that record the history and celebrate the power of an organization which embodies the belief that the lives of the cats we save, and the people who love them, matter.

Mobilize With First Giving

By going one step further and using FirstGiving to tell your story, you can help ensure that ASAP will be able to continue to serve the community for years to come!  FirstGiving is a grassroots fundraising tool that empowers individual supporters to become advocates for ASAP. With FirstGiving you can:

  • Create a personalized fundraising page in minutes
  • Share your personal ASAP story and tell others why ASAP is important to you or the community.
  • Ask others to share your commitment to ASAP’s mission
  • Fundraise for ASAP in a fun and engaging way


Please consider mobilizing your own personal social media or email network to spread the word and reach other potential ASAP supporters.  The ASAP experience or adoption stories of the top ten fundraisers will be highlighted at our 25th Anniversary Celebration. 


Start Mobilizing!

2014 Anniversary Stories

If you prefer to share your story with ASAP directly, without building a fundraising page, please click here.  We still want to hear about your experiences!