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Adoption Process

Preparing for adoption

We want your adoption to be a success! In shelters all over the country, a large proportion of newly adopted pets end up being returned because the adopters were uncertain of what to expect from their new pet, or their new pet didn't fit their lifestyles. Please understand that our questions are not meant to be intrusive. With a little preparation, we hope to avoid situations that are heartbreaking for the adopter and pet alike. Before bringing a pet into your home please see the following links for some helpful information:

ASAP Adoption Procedure

So you've decided that you really are ready to take on the responsibility of adopting a feline companion. You've also considered whether an adult cat or kitten would work better with your lifestyle. Now what?

  • View our available cats on Petfinder
    We are located at 5473 Overpass Rd in Goleta
    Hours: Monday - Saturday 10am - 4:45pm, open until 7pm Wednesday & 12pm - 3pm Sunday. Adoptions must be started ½ hour before closing or they may be postponed until the following day.
    If viewing our cats on Petfinder, please note that ASAP does not hold cats and cannot guarantee that the cats posted online will be available when potential adopters come to the shelter to adopt.
  • Complete the Adoption Application. When completing the adoption application, it is important that you provide detailed and accurate information to help ensure that the cat you adopt will be a good match for you and your household environment.
  • Housing Verification – Before completing any adoption, ASAP must be sure that an animal may live at your current residence. We will verify property ownership through tax records or contact the landlord (property owner or rental agency) to confirm that cats are allowed at the rental. Unfortunately, ASAP cannot hold cats while landlord approval is pending. You may want to consider having your adoption application pre-approved before selecting a cat.
  • An Adoption Counselor will assist you in selecting the purrfect feline friend for your home, family, and lifestyle. Adoption Counselors will answer any questions you may have. Once your new companion is selected, the Adoption Counselor will review the cat's medical history with you and discuss any special needs, diet, transitioning the cat into your home, introducing other pets, and any other questions you may have.