Home for the Holidays: Delivering Cat & Kittens for Christmas

For the first time ever, ASAP will be delivering homeless cats and kittens to their new families on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, making holiday wishes come true in Santa Barbara. Just imagine the delighted surprise on your loved ones’ faces when they open the door and find a special feline delivery from the North Pole!

Interested adopters can visit the ASAP shelter to find their purrfect cat or kittens on December 14-24. After going through the standard adoption procedures, adopters will have the option of saving their new feline family member delivery as a holiday surprise for their loved ones. Festively attired ASAP volunteer elves will be making special home delivers of cats and kittens on Christmas Eve and morning!

In these highly coveted roles, ASAP elves plan to “go all out” to make this a special event for the felines and their new families, and will dress in festive costumes and Santa hats, with cat carriers decorated with ribbon and bows. Delivery elves are also instructed on messaging for the holiday deliveries: since it’s anticipated that some cats will be delivered to children who are expecting Santa Claus, volunteers will tell kids that Santa asked them to deliver their cat for him because it was too cold on his sleigh! The holiday deliveries provide a unique opportunity to literally “surprise” your loved ones without putting cats and kittens at risk—animals should never be placed in containers, such as gift boxes, not specifically designed to keep them safe.

Deliveries will take place between 5-7 PM on December 24 and between 9-11 am on December 25 and must be within 15 miles of ASAP. During this special holiday promotion ASAP is offering reduced adoption fees—just $25/adult cat and 2-for-1 kittens ($75). ASAP will be open until 3 PM on Christmas Eve (December 24)—to ensure that adopters also have time to pick up their special feline in time for their own holiday traditions!

The delivery service will be provided free of charge, but donations to ASAP are always welcome and appreciated! All adopted animals are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped.

Hurry! Hurry! There are a limited number of deliveries and some restrictions apply.

Making Holiday Wishes Come True—and Lasting

Opening your heart and home to a shelter animal is an incredibly rewarding experience. With so many cats awaiting permanent homes, choosing to adopt, as opposed to purchasing from a breeder or pet store, is both kind and ethical. ASAP is here to help you find just the right match.

Please be mindful that adopting a pet is a big commitment. The cats and kittens at ASAP are counting on us to find them families that will love them and care for them for the rest of their lives. To ensure a great match, it’s important to understand the adopter’s preferences, lifestyle, and ensure the new pet receives all of the attention, exercise, and care it needs. There are financial considerations as well. Cat owners must be able to cover the cost of food, supplies, and veterinary care for both routine and extraordinary expenses. With confidence that all parties are on board with this commitment, the ASAP team will work with you to find just the right feline.

Adoptions save lives—thank you for choosing make holiday wishes come true at ASAP.