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Socially Conscious Sheltering

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Adoption Process

Preparing for adoption

We want your adoption to be a success! In shelters all over the country, a large proportion of newly adopted pets end up being returned because the adopters were uncertain of what to expect from their new pet, or their new pet didn't fit their lifestyles. Please understand that our questions are not meant to be intrusive. With a little preparation, we hope to avoid situations that are heartbreaking for the adopter and pet alike. Before bringing a pet into your home please see the following links for some helpful information:

We are open for Remote FREE Adoptions!

We are busy reviewing 200+ adoption applications that we have received so far and we ask for your patience as we work through our matchmaking and counseling process. We will be contacting potential adopters as we match them with cats that may be a good fit for their households. To ensure the health and safety of our community, we have moved our Adoption Application process online and we are doing all of our cat matching and counseling by phone.

Please click here to fill out our Adoption Application and one of our Adoption Counselors will be in touch to set up a phone appointment if we match a cat to your household.