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Socially Conscious Sheltering

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Adopt or Sponsor a Special Needs Cat

Special needs kitties need special people. And ASAP has a number of cats just looking for their special person. Unfortunately we don't have a line of people waiting to apply for the position! There are a lot of things that may make a shelter cat seem less adoptable at first glance. They may have a medical condition or they may be having a particularly hard time adjusting to the shelter. Or maybe they are just a little more mature than the rest. But if you take the time to look a little more carefully, they can be the most rewarding of all pets to adopt.

Regardless of their special situation, they all need love and a place to call home. Yet these wonderful companions often end up staying at the shelter for months on end because they are so overlooked. Won't you consider adopting or sponsoring a special needs kitty?

Senior Cats
Senior cats can be the
most rewarding to adopt
because they really appreciate a
second chance at a loving home.

Cats with Medical Conditions
Sometimes all it takes to be a
Hero is the willingness to make simple adjustments
to accommodate a pet's limitations!

Scaredy Cats
The bond formed between a
timid cat and their person is
often the strongest bond of all.

FIV + Cats
Despite the scary label,
FIV+ cats can live perfectly long and
happy lives with the proper care.

Single Pet Cats
Single pet cats and some kitties
want you all to themselves…
How can that be bad?